The New Niagara Equissage Pulse® Digital is the latest in equine therapy. Designed to help enhance your horse’s performance, improve its general health and well-being and making your horse feel better.

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  • Ed Dunlop, Newmarket

    “The Equissage is a regular part of my training routine. Many of my good horses have benefited, including Surprise Encounter prior to winning The Hunt Cup."

  • Helena Persson (Swedish National Champion 2001)

    “One of my horses had a back problem for many years, but now after regular use of the Equissage the problem has disappeared. Last week I also bought the hand unit and boot. Both my Vet and I are seriously impressed"

  • Gail Stimson, Somerby Riding School

    “My horses work hard, particularly at week-ends with a number of different riders of varying standards. The Equissage helps keep them relaxed, happy and ready for the next day’s work”

  • Fred and Rowena Cook, Equine Management and Training.

    "As a training, schooling and rehab yard we have horses at varying stages of their development and often with physical dysfunctions of one form or another. Equissage therapy is an integral part of our daily management routine as it not only helps eliminate stiffness and tensions associated with working young, jumping or dressage horses, but is invaluable in our rehab work plus of course in keeping the competition horses in tip top shape. Thank you Equissage for providing a 24-7 physio."