Bog Spavin

Bog Spavin is a swelling around the tibiotarsal joint of the horse's hock. The joint becomes distended by excess synovial fluid and/or thickened synovial tissue bringing about a soft, fluctuant swelling on the front of the joint, as well as in the medial and lateral plantar pouches.

Can Equissage help?

Equissage is well-proven to be very effective at reducing swelling. However do establish the cause and whether or not lameness presents; not all bog spavin cases are lame but nonetheless treatment depends on what has caused the swelling in the first place as there is the possibility that it is an early-warning sign of something more serious developing such as OCD.

For a bursal strain the use of Equissage will help to disperse the synovial fluid due to the deep massaging action as well as helping to strengthen the muscles around the joint. The associated increase in heat within the body also assists in dilating the tiny vessels of the circulatory and lymphatic systems further promoting good drainage as well as ensuring a healthy supply of blood to the affected area - particularly important if the swelling is related to any form of joint disease.


Use the Hand Unit, preferably in conjunction with the Pad, to specifically target the swollen site and the localised surrounding area. A higher setting will be more effective as it will more rapidly help to disperse the fluid build-up, but 10 minutes is the recommended optimum time. It is better to try and hold the Unit stead in one particular place for a couple of minutes rather than constantly moving it around.