Dressage is one of the strictest disciplines in horse riding where the horse and rider are judged on the aesthetic quality of gaits and the expressiveness of the horses movement.

To accomplish this they must demonstrate control, accuracy and flexibility and be extremely sensitive  to the rider’s aids.
The nature of the development of the dressage horse  from novice through to International Grand Prix is gymnastic exercises that aim to strengthen the  work involved in this discipline requires great muscle control and   co-ordination on the part of the horse. The key to training and 
muscles and thereby avoid injury to joints and soft tissue associated with increased workload.

Voted “Best New Horse Product in the World” in 2000 BETA UK, Dressage riders world wide love how Equissage provides a full body workout, equivalent to a 10km walk for their competition horse. Equissage gently penetrates through 4 foot of bone and 2 foot of tissue to provide the following benefits to Dressage horses:

  • Increased blood flow, specifically around the joints to decrease the likelihood of injuries
  • Improved lymphatic drainage to assist in the removal of lactic acid, keeping your horse energized and willing
  • Relaxation of the muscles, keeps them soft and supple, naturally helping to relieve pain, unlock tension and reduce muscle spasm, improves flexion, bend and suppleness
  • Improved joint mobility to assist in control, accuracy and flexibility of the gaits

Equissage is an essential tool in improving the health and performance of horses in every stable.

Equissage will help with strains in back and hindquarters. Improve suppleness in back and muscles. Warm up pre-competition. Help mental relaxation.