Competitive trail riding and long-distance riding tests the Endurance and stamina of both the horse and rider.


Endurance competition takes place in an established time frame over a predetermined distance and over trails with varied terrain, including steep hills and natural obstacles. During the ride, the physical condition of the horse is monitored at regular intervals. At the end of the ride, the horse must show very close to the same physical statistics (pulse, respiration rate and hydration) comparable to the start of

 the ride.

Exhaustion, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, tying up, inflammation and muscle contractures are the principal problems.

Ultimately, the preparation prior to endurance racing is critical to train the circulatory, respiratory and endocrine system to function at the required fitness and competition level.

With a basic understanding of equine biomechanics and physiology, the importance of muscle health is critical to performance and longevity. Equissage is a safe, easy to use, natural, non-aggressive and non-invasive way to effectively warm up and cool down your horse, prevent common issues, improve performance and maintain your horse in peak condition.

Voted “Best New Horse Product in the World” in 2000 BETA UK, Endurance riders world wide love how Equissage provides a full body workout, equivalent to a 10km walk for their competition horse. Equissage gently penetrates through 4 foot of bone and 2 foot of tissue to provide the following benefits to Endurance horses:

  • Increased blood flow, specifically around the joints to decrease the likelihood of injuries, increased benefits to muscles in warming up and warming down
  • Improved lymphatic drainage to assist in the removal of lactic acid and inflammation helping to speed up recovery and encourage water consumption
  • Relaxation of the muscles, especially across the back, sacroiliac and hamstrings, helping to relieve tension and reduce muscle spasm
  • Improved joint mobility to help increase length of stride and therefore improve performance and times