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Flat Racing Quotes

“The Equissage is a regular part of my training routine. Many of my good horses have benefited, including Surprise Encounter prior to winning The Hunt Cup."
Ed Dunlop, Newmarket

“A great help with wind problems” 
Nigel Tinkler, Malton

“We use the Equissage regularly, particularly on horses prior to racing. I am very impressed at the results with the leg boot” 
Patrick Haslam, Middleham

“A great help with sore shins” 
Giles Bravery, Newmarket

“Amigo completed his hat-trick (February 2002). He virtually lives in the Equissage, and would not be racing without it” 
Philip Mitchell, Epsom

"Equissage is a great help for horses recovering from injury and gives a competitive edge to horses that are fit and racing."
James Fanshawe


National Hunt Quotes

“The Equissage relaxes and loosens horses before work, schooling, and Racing” 
Ferdy Murphy, Middleham

“The Equissage is a superb product for solving back problems and for bringing horses up to peak condition. It Is very safe and easy to use”
Mick Easterby, Sheriff Hutton

“I use the Equissage prior to exercise on any horse prone to tying-up.The problem is eliminated”
Jessica Harrington, Moone

“We use the Equissage on a great many horses. One bumper winner, Mandalink, would not have got to the track without the therapy to his Shoulders” 
Charlie Swan, Cloughjordan

“We use the Equissage extensively and find it excellent for relaxing the horses and particularly good for pulled muscles and reducing swellings. An Asset to Any Yar” 
Henrietta Knight, Wantage


Trotting Quotes

“We are using the Equissage frequently, together with the hand unit. The KTF Boot makes it much easier to treat the legs”
Jim Frick, Stockholm

“We are using the Equissage set daily on many horses. It is a big help for stiff shoulders and Muscles” 
Tommy Hanne, Stockholm

"It is brilliant. Equissage has worked on all our horses from youngsters to established winners, and helped to break track records." 
Stevie Lees, Harness Racing Champion Jockey and Trainer, Rhyl, North Wales

"It has worked on our young horses with deep muscle problems and kept our consistent winner Denzil out in front." 
Carl Davies, Trainer, Builth Wells


Stud Quotes

“ I use and recommend Equissage for all horses recovering from injury, an invaluable help in preparing horses for sale”
Di Turner, Lodge Farm Stud

"As a stud manager it is my responsibility to do all I can to ensure valuable horses in my care get the best, safest treatment available. I am very impressed with Equissage, having found it useful when treating leg injuries such as splints. I was amazed with its effectiveness in treating a haematoma, on one of our yearlings. Equissage works fast and effectively." 
Rory Mathews, Barouche Stud (Ireland) Ltd


Eventing Quotes

“An essential help to anyone serious about the sport” 
Tiny Clapham

“An excellent piece of equipment which undoubtedly improves the horses’ performance”
William Fox-Pitt

“Simply Brilliant”
Brook Staples

“Every competition horse should have one” 
Paula Tornquist

“The horses get very soft and relaxed”
Piia Pantsu

"The Equissage system is a huge help in keeping my horses fit and well. I wouldn't be without it." 
Chloe Newton


Showjumping Quotes

“The Equissage enhances my horses’ performance”
Di Lampard

“One of my horses had a back problem for many years, but now after regular use of the Equissage the problem has disappeared. Last week I also bought the hand unit and boot. Both my Vet and I are seriously impressed"
Helena Persson (Swedish National Champion 2001)

"The Equissage system is a very valuable part of our healthcare routine in the yard. All my horses benefit from a daily session." 
Billy Twomey


Dressage Quotes

“Enfant is more supple and relaxed after treatment. This was reflected in improved scores” 
Polly Hodges

"What a fabulous development, my horses really benefit from a regular session with Equissage." 
Lee Pearson

"Equissage provides good vibrations for my horses, it helps them to relax and they are much more supple." 
Lisa Wilcox

"Top competition horses like Active Walero have to travel long distances and still perform at their best. Equissage helps keep him supple and relaxed." 
Nicola McGivern

"I have found that equissage has become part of our every day routine and wouldn't be without it." 
Adam Kemp


Training & Rehabilitation

"As a training, schooling and rehab yard we have horses at varying stages of their development and often with physical dysfunctions of one form or another. Equissage therapy is an integral part of our daily management routine as it not only helps eliminate stiffness and tensions associated with working young, jumping or dressage horses, but is invaluable in our rehab work plus of course in keeping the competition horses in tip top shape. Thank you Equissage for providing a 24-7 physio."
Fred and Rowena Cook, Equine Management and Training.


Livery Yards and Riding School Quotes

“My horses work hard, particularly at week-ends with a number of different riders of varying standards. The Equissage helps keep them relaxed, happy and ready for the next day’s work”
Gail Stimson, Somerby Riding School

“We use the Equissage on our competition horses, Point to Pointers, and Riding School horses.They all benefit”
Kevin Hunter, Larkrigg Equestrian Centre



"Equissage is excellent for general well-being as well as therapeutic purposes. It is extremely beneficial both at home and at the showground in helping promote a happy, relaxed frame of mind to help horses show better. I would recommend it to anyone in this discipline." 
Carol Gilbert-Scott, Owner of Bennochy Fair Time of Aston

"Equissage is brilliant. For the show horses I use the pad after travelling, if the horses have been stuck in a box for long periods it warms them up and keeps the calm if they are nervous or excitable." 
Richard Telford

"Stan the Man was extremely tense before the class, we had a demonstration of the Equissage system which relaxed him instantly. He came out of the stable like he'd had a 30 minute warm up and performed brilliantly." 
Louise Gaunt, owner of Stan the Man, Heavyweight Cob of the Year, HOYS 2004



"The Equissage has benefited the ponies enormously. Ponies that previously had little muscle over their backs and hindquarters now look utterly different after sessions with the machine. They are moving freely which in turn it improving their performance on the ground, in terms of both speed and agility." Steve Evens, 3 goals

"The Equissage machines have really helped the recovery of my horses. After a week of intense polo two of my best ponies tied up. The Equissage back pad and hand unit were used and they were back playing successfully in two days." James Leonard, 2 goals