Polo is one of the many enjoyable horse sports - fiercely competitive, Polo puts tremendous strain on the muscles and bones of horses and therefore the Equissage is perfect!

Polo is a game requiring each player to utilize many different horses. The game itself is composed of four players on each team and each player will bring an average of seven mounts to the field. A game has six chukkers (a 7 minute period) and generally, a different horse is used for each chukker. A single game may have approximately 50 to 55 horses playing in a 1.5 hour time frame. Polo requires the speed and stamina of a Thoroughbred, but also the ability to stop and turn quickly and the boldness to meet and impact other horses at speed.

In order to execute the quick starts, abrupt stops and sharp 180 degree turns that are of prime importance in the game, the Polo pony must be extremely well balanced, agile, fast, competitive and obedient. Polo ponies must be able to turn on a dime and do flying changes of lead, sliding stops and neck rein 

All ligaments and muscles groups of the leg are under constant stress. Strains and bowed tendons are common. The games quick starts and sharp turns will cause tension, leading to the development of trauma in the hindquarters and the lumbar sacral region. The constant changing of direction and pulling on the reins will cause the upper and lower muscles of the neck to develop trauma to the muscles.

With a basic understanding of equine biomechanics and physiology, the importance of muscle health is critical to performance and longevity.

Equissage is a safe, easy to use, natural, non-aggressive and non-invasive way to effectively warm up and cool down your horse, prevent common issues, improve performance and maintain your horse in peak condition.

Voted “Best New Horse Product in the World” in 2000 BETA UK, Polo players world wide love how Equissage provides a full body workout, equivalent to a 10km walk for their competition horse. Equissage gently penetrates through 4 foot of bone and 2 foot of tissue to provide the following benefits to Polo Ponies:

  • Increased blood flow, helps to warm up muscles before work, specifically around the joints to decrease the likelihood of sprains and strains and maintain even muscle tone
  • Improved lymphatic drainage to assist in the removal of lactic acid and inflammation to speed up recovery and rehabilitation
  • Relaxation of the muscles, especially around the hindquarters and hamstrings, helping to unlock tension and reduce muscle spasm
  • Improved joint mobility to help increase length of stride and therefore improving speed and performance