Equissage Red Product Line

Essential therapy for your horse's Health & Performance. Use Niagara Equissage Red to enhance performance, facilitate healing, promote general health and well-being and treat specific illnesses and injuries with powerful cycloidal vibrations.

Equissage Unit:

Horses have 25 main nerve and acupressure points which can become blocked. This may lead to a number of common muscular problems, including shortened strides, head and neck discomfort as well as hip and shoulder lameness. All of which lead to loss of performance. The Hand Unit is designed to give deep cycloidal massage direct to these nerve areas, thus relieving the symptoms and rapidly improving your horse’s condition.
The Hand Unit massage can also be beneficial for bleeding and breathing problems. The Hand Unit should always be used in conjunction with the Back Pad, as it will be more effective when the horse’s Lymphatic System is already stimulated by the Back Pad.

Equissage Red Back Pad:

Simple and very safe to use, the Niagara Equissage Back Pad is designed to give general relief and benefit the skeletal, muscular, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Using the equipment in the saddle position is also ideal for warming up the horse and particularly for warming down.
Used in warming down, the Niagara Equissage Back Pad will relax the horse and help reduce the buildup of lactic acid and the stiffening of muscles and joints.