Sarcoid Tumour

Sarcoid skin tumours can vary in appearance and type; Occult (single, hairless, roughly circular lesion), Verrucous (wart-like), Nodular (firm well defined spherical nodules), Fibroblastic (aggressive fleshy, ulcerated appearance), Mixed and Malevolent (the most aggressive type in which the tumours spread extensively through the skin with cords of tumour tissue interspersed with nodules and ulcerating fibroblastic lesions).

The lesions often appear in very young animals and can occur anywhere on the body. Sarcoids affect the skin and the tissue directly under them. Although it is not yet known exactly what causes sarcoids there evidence that they are caused by viruses closely related or identical to bovine papilloma viruses. Sarcoids are often invasive recurrent and due to their anatomical location may result in loss of use of a horse.

Can Equissage help?

There is no definitive answer to this.

It could be argued that in theory Equissage could actually acceleration sarcoid growth due to it aiding a healthy circulation thereby providing a sarcoid with an improved supply of nutrients to help it grow! However there is absolutely no evidence to support this theory; and certainly regular users of the Equissage System have not reported any such incidence. In fact some users have indicated that they have noticed that small, isolated verrucous and nodular sarcoids have disappeared.


Without definitive evidence as to whether Equissage can help, then no proper advice can be given with regard to how best to use it.

Obviously if a horse has to have surgery to remove an aggressive tumour then of course Equissage comes into its own helping to heal the surgery site, eliminate the toxin effects of necessary drugs, alleviate stiffness and soreness in surrounds muscles, etc. Use the Pad on a twice-daily basis on a No3.-No.4 setting.