Stringhalt describes exaggerated flexion of one or both hind limbs. It is a degenerative condition of the central nervous system, so gradually becomes worse. The cause of nerve degeneration is not fully understood but stringhalt has been linked to trauma, diet and certain draught breeds.

Can Equissage help?

As the cause (or causes of stringhalt) is not yet fully understood, although it is nerve degeneration, and to date treatment has revolved around removal of the tendon of the digital extensor muscle, it is not possible to say with certainty that using Equissage will help this condition. However, as it is proven that the deep, stimulatory massage tones the muscles, releases spasms and tension etc., as well as improving joint mobility, then it is perfectly feasible that Equissage could impart a similar effect on the nerves thus triggering some form of repair/regeneration.


As there is no specific data upon which to work, then it is recommended to use the Pad on a medium (No.4-No.5 setting) for 10 minutes, and then turn up to a higher setting (No.6-No.8) for 10 minutes. Initially a twice daily use is suggested as this may prove to have a more positive result. Remember that the cycloidal vibrations Equissage imparts are non-aggressive so you cannot do any harm. Localised use of the Hand Unit to the hock joint may also help.