A thoroughpin is an abnormal swelling just above the hock, it usually appears on both sides of the leg. Caused by inflammation of the synovial membrane, thoroughpins are the result of a consequent excessive secretion of the synovial fluid.

Can Equissage help?


Its use will help to disperse the fluid build up. The cycloidal massage will also help promote healthy circulation to repair and nourish any damaged parts. Bursal swellings, although regarded as blemishes are caused by faulty conformation or a strain, etc. so ensuring good joint, tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone health all helps in the prevention of something more serious occurring. As with many bursal swellings, the presence of a degree of fluid is always likely but it can be successfully controlled.


The Hand Unit should be used daily as part of the management routine on and around the site of the swelling for 5-10 minutes on a medium to high speed. As with other bursal swellings, try to avoid constantly moving the Hand Unit around.