Urticaria (Hives)

Urticaria is a rash resulting from a hypersensitivity and results in multiple small skin lumps (hives) appearing on the skin; usually the neck, followed by the face, the chest, and the upper front legs.

Urticaria may be immunological i.e. caused by a virus, bacteria, insect bites, food, pollens, or vaccines. Non immunological urticarias are caused from heat or cold, exercise, stress, sunlight or pressure from something in direct contact skin.

Can Equissage help?

It will depend really on what the trigger is as to whether Equissage can help.

As urticaria is an allergic reaction, then it can vary in severity quite considerably - from very small "spots" to extremely large wheals - depending on the hypersensitivity trigger. Rapid as its onset is, then it also usually clears very quickly of its own accord although veterinary treatment usually involves antihistamine drugs.

If for example the urticaria is caused by heat or pressure then using Equissage is not going to help. But if it is caused, for example, by bacteria or food, then using Equissage can help as it will help to more rapidly expel the offending "material" from the system, thus removing the trigger to the reaction.

The horse’s body is regularly under attack from an abundance of microorganisms and whilst a healthy immune system can readily keep these minute organisms at bay (with inflammatory cells constantly on guard to repel alien matter (antigens) which attempts to invade. Normally the immune system is working away, perfectly able to do its job but if compromised for any reason, the defences break down. However sometimes the immune response actually over-reacts to a non-infectious cause (organism) and the hypersensitive response is referred to as an allergy.

It is really a case of common sense to determine the effectiveness of Equissage. But one thing that is an absolute certainty - by using Equissage for an urticaria-related condition, if no good is directly done, then no harm is either. However, by keeping the immune system healthy and working efficiently the likelihood of allergic reactions is reduced.


Use the Pad for the standard 20 minute treatment time on a setting anywhere between No.2 up to No.4/5. Resist the temptation to go higher so that the increase in body temperature that is a consequence of an Equissage treatment, does not cause irritation to the skin. Increases in body temperature can sometimes cause already irritated skin to be further aggravated.