Warts (Papillomota)

Warts are small, pale, hairless nodules which may develop on the muzzle of young horses as a result of a viral infection. They are non-painful and will usually disappear spontaneously over the next several months.

Can Equissage help?

As these types of warts usually disappear relatively quickly, then there is no concrete evidence to establish whether using Equissage can help or not, just as there really is no proven veterinary remedy (nor indeed "old wives" remedies) for exactly the same reason. These types of warts (milk warts as they are commonly termed) are more of a blemish than a condition so have not really warranted extensive research.

However working on the accepted theory that these warts disappear of their own accord because the body builds up its own immunity against them (as it does for other infections, etc), then there is a sound argument that Equissage, by promoting lymphatic circulation [drainage] etc. can perhaps speed up the removal process.

It is one of those situations that although using Equissage may not actually help to remove the warts, it certainly will not be doing any harm to the horse or compromising it in any way.


Use the Pad as part of your daily physiotherapy routine, so elect for the setting of your choice depending on whether you are using it for a warm-up or to help with other conditions.